Sl. No.126; Kala kanti; Neelaambari; Chaapu; Padam; Saanskrit.
Dr Sreevalsan J. Menon.

Oh sweet voiced friend, how can I ever forget Him. The Lord holds the strings of this illusory puppet show-like creation.
How can I forget Him who has beautiful tresses and forehead shining with sandal paste?
He has lotus like feet. Dear one, whose speech is nectarine. He is the paragon of virtues. His cheeks shine like the mirror. Sweet harmony wafts from his flute. His raiment is of a grand yellow hue. He is adorned with the garland of exotic flowers.
His teeth conquer the brilliance of a row of jasmine buds. Dear friend, with a form like lightning, He is the saviour of those who have mastered their senses. He helped BHISHMA in fulfilling His vow. He vanquishes all of His enemies. He shines like the gem sapphire- INDRANILA. He amused Himself on the banks of the YAMUNA.
Dear friend, with a face like the full moon, He sported in BRINDAVANA. He has the glory of protecting all. He is the vanquisher of SISUPALA. He is always surrounded by cowherds. He showered good fortune on KUCELA. He is the darling of NANDA. How can I forget Him?

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)