Sl. No. 120; Jay jay devi; Yamuna kalyaani; Aadi; Bhajan; Hindi.
Dr M. Balamurali Krishna.

Oh May goddess SARASVATI, the mother of this world! Be victorious! May, Goddess BHAVANI, who is also SARVANI, who bestows good fortune on the three worlds be victorious. Your sport is infinite, and incomprehensible to all.
She holds in her lotus-like hands VEENA, from which mellifluous music emerges all the time. She sports in the other hand a book from which VEDAs and UPANISHADs took form.
Oh Goddess! You are the embodiment of knowledge and the celestials and devotees sing your glory. You gives happiness to the humble worshippers of the lotus-like feet of Lord PADMANABHA. Oh Goddess Glory unto you.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)