Sl. No. 12; Aho chitha; Sankaraabharanam; Chaapu; Keerthanam; Saanskrit

Oh Mind! Behold! Why should you indulge in sensual enjoyment?
It enhances your greediness and draws you towards jealousy, desire, anger etc. which are akin to bad dreams and hence are to be condemned.
Do not count on the maidens, merely going by their pleasant sweet smile, lotus like face etc.. They are just the collection of blood, flesh, dripping & stinking phlegm etc. The wise men indeed have proclaimed that, all these are condemnable.
Do not count on the pleasent smile, beautiful, cool lotus face and the red lotus like eyes etc. of ladies. who attract by their intoxicating talk, smiling by revealing their attractive teeth. This only will bring forth the despicable sins tied very hard like a stone around the neck.
Do not count on those who walk majestically with the gait of an elephant; those who sport intoxicating musk paste; those who live in huge mansions. Though these may give delight, they are transient and lead you to fickle mindedness.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)