Sl. No. 119; Jaya suganaalaya; Bilahari; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Note: This composition is referred to in the Sanskrit article "Muhanaprasanthyaprasa Vyavastha" by Swathi Thirunal himself.

SRI NARASIMHA! Hail unto You The temple of virtues! Hail! Oh one with three eyes!
One who is effulgent as crores of moon and, is a refuge to the hapless.
One who is worshipped by the repository of ardent devotion-PRAHLADA- the son of KAYADHU.
One who is the Lord of gods; worshipped by INDRA and other great ones and having spotless glories.
One who is unparalleled in greatness. One who resides in the pure hearts.
One whose mails have the glory of bestowing good fortune on emperors and the pious.
One who was worshipped by sages like SANAKA & SANADANA.
One who was skillful in vanquishing KANAKA KASIPU. One who is the personification of compassion and composure.
One who has the majestic voice resembling that of the lion and has the form of mighty clouds.
The one, whose fearful teeth creates fear even among the fierce lots of demons.
He is like the sun in removing the darkness of heinous sins and is the lord of the people of KOSALAPURA.


(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)