Sl. No. 118; Jaya jaya rama ramana; Devagaandhaaram; Jhampa; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Smt. Seethalakshmi Ammal.

Hail! hail! Oh Lord RAMARAMANA! Please be awakened!
The very vision of your lotus-like feet obliterates all the miseries of the cycle of the birth & death of your devotees, just as the brilliant rays of the sun drives away the dense darkness.
Oh progenitor of Cupid! Well wisher of this universe! Is it not a fact that you remove our sorrows expeditiously by the eminating by your flute? You conquered clan of demons like MADHU, MURA. The learned ones proclaim that you are the sum total of blessings of VASUDEVA.
While the cowherd damsels were churning the curds and thinking upon you, You used to keep time by the resonating jingling of your bracelets. The beauty of your form excels the fine hue of emerald and You shine as the jewel of the YADU- dynasty.
You have incarnated as MINA - the Fish, KURMA - the Tortoise, MAHITA KITI- the great Boar, PINA NARAHARI - the stout lion headed, VAMANA - the Dwarf, ANYONA BHRGUSUTARAMA - the all powerful son of BHRGU- the PARASURAMA, BALARAMA and SRIRAMA and you had friendship with SUGRIVA the son the the sun god. You are MUKUNDA, the future incarnation of the form of great KALKI!, oh the protector of the hapless! SRI PADMANABHA! Hail! Hail! Please be awakened!!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)