Sl. No. 107; Jalajanaabha maamava; Kedara gaula; Chaapu; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Dr Sreevalsan J. Menon.
A favourite of Sri M D Ramanathan.

Oh Lord JALAJANABHA! Protect me, the consort of SRIDEVI!
Your form resembles the dark clouds. You are adorned with shiny molten gold-like raiment. You repose on the ocean of milk. Your eyes are like lotus.
You destroyed the demons like MURA and others who were burdensome for mother earth. You incarnated as a man, oh immaculate. Lord! Your neck shines beautifully like a conch. Friend of the dejected ones! Oh compassionate lord; do care about my welfare.
Your face, which is fringed with curly locks, resembles the moon; the beauty of your smile disdains that of pearl necklace. Supreme one! You are adorned with the shining yellow raiment and a long garland of TULASI. Please always dwell in my heart, oh one who is attended upon by BRAHMA.
Your cheek shine beautifully by the reflection from the ear pendents patterned like fish. Sages like SUKA and NARADA sing your innumerable attributes. You are proficient in destroying the wild forest like sins of the existence. Suzerain of the worlds! Saviour of GAJENDRA! please reside in my heart forever.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)