Sl. No. 104; Jagadisa sriramana; Naaga gaandhaari; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh JAGADISA-lord of the universe! Consort of LAKSHMI! JALAJANABHA! SAURE! Protect me.
Reclining on the serpent couch; having GARUDA-the enemy of serpent-as mount! Oh SAURE!
BRAHMA and others prostrate at your feet; your glance is brimming with compassion
You are skillful in destroying the mass of cruel demons, You have sacred attributes, please reside in my heart.
You have beautiful blue-hued form resembling water laden cloud and oh lord! Your eyes are akin to the petals of the lotus.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)