Sl. No. 103; Jagadisa srijane; Suddha saaveri; Misra Chapu; Varnam; Saanskrit.
Smt. Binni Krishnakumar.
Rev Samuel Mateer, the founder of the LMS church at Trivandrum, has translated this varnam and included it in his book "Land of Charity" in late 19th century.

Oh The Lord of the universe! Consort of LAKSHMI! Oh Lord, having long eyes like the lotus petals!
One who dissolves the blemishes; the one who mounts the esteemed bird-GARUDA, oh PADMANABHA! Protect me
The chief of the celestials and the virtuous one; the vanquisher of enemies; one who is marvelous in bestowing boons; having strong hands;
worshipped by the host of sages; beholder of the mountain; destroyer of the demon MURA; compassionate and dispeller of the miseries of the world.
Eliminate the mass of sins!
Oh SAURE! One who does auspicious deeds in BRNDAVANA.
To protect the three worlds, one who vanquished the dreadful HIRANYAKASIPU; you are draped in golden attire.
One who subdues the sins; one who is the sun to the lotus heart of the GOPIs-the cowherd maidens; having beautiful nose, gentle smile, one who surpasses the moon in beauty; having lotus like face and protects the entire world.
Eliminate the mass of sins that I had done in various births; one who remove the miseries. Oh my lord! One whose eyes are the sun & moon! Oh SAURE!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)