Sl. No. 102; Jagadisa sada; Naata kurinji; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh suzerain of the universe! Supreme among the celestials! Protect me oh lord, whose exploits are pure.
You have GARUDA as your mount. You burn to cinders the woes of celestials. Oh PADMANABHA! The beauty of your form subdues the pride of CUPID, the mind-born one. You dwell in the hearts of those sages who are devoid of sins. You are understood by the scriptures. Your feet are held by goddess LAKSHMI.
You are to the enemies of the celestials what the wind is to the clouds. The beauty of your form destroys the pride of Cupid. You take away the woes of those who worship your feet. Your speech is soft and mellifluous. You are adorned with pearl necklace. Your eyes brim with compassion. Oh mighty Lord! You are the abode of great virtues. which are sung by Lord BRAHMA- the consort of goddess BHARATI.
your attractive robes dazzle like lightning. Your conch-like neck shines with the garland made of fresh TULASI. Your eyes resemble lotus. Your exploits are auspicious. You are the refuge of pious ones. You held aloft the mountain. You repose on the ocean of milk. You destroyed the demon SAKATA with your tender lotus like feet. Oh peerless Lord!
The beauty of your face mocks the full moon. Oh son of VASUDEVA! You conquered the demon NARAKA in the battle. Oh one who is devoid of desires, please shine in my heart. You are adorned with a golden crown. You are the distinguished warrior among the YADU clan. Oh progenitor of Cupid, you are adorned with KAUSTUBHA gem. Your divine nature commands worship. You are the annihilator of the demon MADHU. May you be victorious!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)