Sl. No: 1; Aaj Aaye; Misra Pahadi; Misra Chapu; Khayal; Hindi
Prince Aswathi Thirunal Rama Varma
Note: This beautiful composition depicting the raasa leela is today sung in Misra Pahadi (popularized by Dr M Balamuralikrishna), though originally set in Yamuna Kalyani. It is also rendered in Shayama kalyani. Its anupallavi refers to the 'dhun' of the bamsuri and sound of the mridangam. Easily, one of the best of Swathi's Hindusthani Krithis. The charana is the same as in Dhanasri Thillana.

Oh Lord Syam MOHAN came today to amuse himself with us by participating in the RASA dance. The melody of His flute goes like this TANA NANA. The beat of the rhythm goes TRIKITA TAKITA TAKA - TRIKITA TAKITA THOM. The fair one (RADHA) dances to the music as THAIYA THAIYA THAIYA TRATH. Her ankle bells sound as CHAN CHANANA CHANANA. The dances goes as THAK DHIN.
Oh Lord PADMANABHA! how can I describe your exploits? Please cut asunder our miseries, as we have taken refuge at your feet.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)