The life of Swathi Thirunal was an offering in music to God. A rare renaissance personality, Swathi Thirunal was a king among musicians and musician among kings. His musical compositions and his life were a mutual translation of his devotion to LordPadmanabha, the presiding deity of the Travancore Royal House....
Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma
was a progressive ruler who lived ahead of his times and was committed to the welfare of the people. Being an able administrator his far sighted reforms were responsible for introducing modern medicine, English education and a humane judicial system in Kerala....


Composers and Musicians

Subba Raya Shastri (1803-1862)

He was the second son of Shyama Shastri and the disciple of Thygaraja. He mingled the traditions of his Guru and his father. He was well versed in Sanskrit, Tamil and Telugu. He was a vocalist and a violin exponent. He was interested in Hindustani music too. He was also a devotee of the mother Goddess and wrote may kritis praising the Devi. He has composed beautiful kritis in rags Kalyani, Hamirkalyani, Sree, Thodi and Darbar.
He died in the year 1862.


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