The life of Swathi Thirunal was an offering in music to God. A rare renaissance personality, Swathi Thirunal was a king among musicians and musician among kings. His musical compositions and his life were a mutual translation of his devotion to LordPadmanabha, the presiding deity of the Travancore Royal House....
Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma
was a progressive ruler who lived ahead of his times and was committed to the welfare of the people. Being an able administrator his far sighted reforms were responsible for introducing modern medicine, English education and a humane judicial system in Kerala....


Composers and Musicians

Purandaradasa (1484-1564)

He was born at Hampi in Karnataka state. He was born in a very rich family of jewelers. After the death of his father Purandara looked after the family business. But later his association with Vyasaraya , a monk who lived in Vijayanagara changed his view of life. Another version is that he was born at Pantharpur in Maharashtra and he renounced ordinary life to propogate the glory of Lord Vittala of Pandarpur.He started wandering to different places singing bhajans . His life became that of a avadhoot or wandering monk. He developed his talent for music and became a great poet and composer. He has written keerthanas, padas,varnams and thillanans. His sons too traveled with him popularizing the music. Purandaradasa was a good teacher too. He introduced scientific systems and methods to Carnatic music . Even today for teaching music his methods are followed in South India. He also introduced keerthana system in kutcheris or public performances. He is known and respected as the Father of Carnatic music. He died at Hampi in 1564.

Some of his best known kritis today include-

Jagadodharana( Hidustani kapi)

Den Banda Namma Swami(Sankara Sherana)

Yaro rangana Yaro(Hindolam)

Rama, rama, Sitarama yenniro(Tilang)

Jayamangalam nitya subha mangalam(Dhanyasi)

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